Guernsey osteopath and Exercise therapist and Ricky Brown shares essential exercise tips

Essential Exercise Principles for Excellent Results

Exercise Therapy – The Medicine of Choice!

As an Osteopath and Exercise Therapist, I have spent many years using the art and science of Exercise to help improve peoples lives. There are many common features amongst those who get the best out of their exercise, one of those being an exercise mindset.  Below are a few principles to help you shape your exercise mindset and get the best out of your activity.

  • You are an individual and there is no ‘one size fits all’ exercise. Move your body in ways you ENJOY, not just in ways you think you should.

  • In terms of exercise, the more specific your goals are, the more likely you are to achieve them
  • Exercise adaptations and improvements are specific to the movements and activities you perform. (If you want to be a better runner- run, If you want to be a better cyclist- cycle!)
  • As we age beyond our 40’s, preserving and improving muscle mass becomes a significant health priority. Resistance training (lifting weights) becomes a non negotiable part of the routine.
  • The better you are at a particular activity or exercise, the more effort you will put in and the less exerted you will feel.
  • Any physical activity can be exercise with sufficient intention and effort.
  • The way you perceive your exercise will govern how much, how well and for how long you’ll do it.
  • Remember to use your movement to generate energy as well as expend it (Working in V Working  out)

View your exercise as an act of gratitude for your health.

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