Essential Exercise Principles for Excellent Results

Exercise Therapy – The Medicine of Choice!


As an Osteopath and Exercise Therapist, I have spent many years using the art and science of Exercise Therapy to heal and improve lives. During this time I have witnessed many struggle with consistency and achievement. Below are a few points that I think are worth considering if you want to make your efforts more rewarding and compelling!



  • You are an individual and there is no ‘one size fits all’ exercise. Move your body in ways you ENJOY, not just in ways you think you should.


  • In terms of exercise-the more specific your goals are, the more likely you are to achieve them


  • Exercise adaptations and improvements are specific to the movements and activities you perform. (If you want to be a better runner- run, If you want to be a better cyclist- cycle!)


  • Core strength and stability training is just a bit of a trendy fad. The muscles of the core work all day long without needing to be isolated or targeted. Contrary to popular belief there is no correlation between a ‘weak’ core and low back pain. The core muscles work in all exercises so don’t waste precious training time doing sit ups and balancing on balls!


  • As we age beyond our 40’s, preserving and improving muscle mass becomes a significant health priority. Resistance training (lifting weights) becomes a non negotiable part of the routine.


  • Exercise is the most harmless and effective medicine available to mankind.


  • The better you are at a particular activity or exercise, the more effort you will put in and the less exerted you will feel.


  • Any physical activity can be exercise with sufficient intention and effort.


  • The way you perceive your exercise will govern how much, how well and for how long you’ll do it.


  • View your exercise as a simple and frequent act of gratitude for your health, happiness and life.



  • Remember to use your movement to generate energy as well as expend it (Working in V Working  out)


For more information on how to tailor your exercise specifically to your needs, drop me a message here.

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