The 5 Pillar Health Transformation

It’s time to eliminate the root cause of your poor health and transform the way you feel, look & perform

The 5 Pillar Health Transformation is a 10 week programme of personalized health coaching, designed to radically improve your  metabolic health,  resolve stubborn symptoms, and  transform the way you feel, look and perform.

During this journey you will be attentively guided through gradual, evidence-based, lifestyle interventions that will help you resolve common symptoms such as joint pain, digestive issues, fatigue, headaches, low mood, stubborn weight gain and poor metabolic health.

The 5 Pillar Health Transformation  methodology will provide you with a life-long blueprint for health by helping you achieve a personal balance between 5 fundamental pillars of your health-  Your Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Stress Resilience and Mindset. To date the 5PHT has helped over 2000 people transform their health, and achieved an average 67% reduction in reported symptoms.


Do any of these sound familiar?

A gradual increase in bodyfat around the waist

Can't seem to stick to healthy behaviours

A chronic lack of energy and motivation

Difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep

No time in the day for a personal routine

Stubborn digestive issues such as reflux or bloating.

Persistent joint and muscle pain

Regular headaches

These are just some of the health challenges the 5 Pillar Health Transformation has successfully resolved. Since the programme launched in 2018, we have achieved a 67% average reduction in symptoms, across all participants.

During your 10 week health transformation, the following 5 Pillars will be tailored to meet your needs, and create a personal blueprint for lifelong health


Making small changes to what we eat, when we eat, and how much we eat is one of the most effective ways to improve the way we feel, look and perform. During the programme you will be guided through a variety of simple changes to identify any unhelpful foods, and help you form a more optimal diet. During this discovery, you can expect to experience improvements in digestive health, skin conditions, fat loss, reflux, and energy levels.


In the face of increasingly more sedentary lifestyles and increasing rates of lifestyle-related disease, a higher volume of physical activity is now crucial medicine for a happy and healthy body and mind.  Unfortunately, with so many trends, fads, and so much conflicting information, it can be difficult to know what is right for us as individuals. During the programme, we will explore movement that matters to you, through 1-1 training sessions, and help you form the habit of regular physical activity.

Resilience to Stress

Our modern day lives present us with a constant barrage of ‘micro-stressors’.  The way we perceive and respond to these challenges has a significant impact on our physical and mental health. During the programme you will be coached through simple and proven techniques that will help you thrive in the face of stress, and develop greater resilience to life’s inevitable challenges.


All the pillars of health rest upon the foundation of quality sleep. Both the quality and quantity of our sleep has an indisputable impact on our health.  Poor sleep contributes to many common symptoms such as weight gain, joint pain, low mood and digestive issues . Our programme will provide you with simple and practical solutions to significantly enhance the quality & duration of your sleep and recovery.


To make good habits last, we need a big enough ‘why’. We will unearth your strongest values and sync them with your habits. We will also help you become more aware of  how our self narrative and criticism can sabotage our efforts to achieve and sustain our health goals. Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way, so during the programme,  you will be invited to explore a variety of positive psychology techniques that will help reinforce your healthy habits.

Here's what participants have said....


My energy levels have increased , my depression is more manageable and improving all the time , anxiety levels have reduced, I have halved my acid reflux medication so far, I have less aches and pains and am not addicted to my food cravings anymore , I have had a 51% reduction in other symptoms too and also lost 1.5 stone”

Just some of the results you can expect to experience during and beyond the programme

Significant Fat Loss

Greater Resilience to Stress

Resolution of Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Symptoms

Improved Mood

Increased Energy Levels

Reduced Joint Pain

Reduction in pre-menstrual symptoms

Reduced Headaches

How The 5 Pillar Health Transformation Can Help You?

As a Registered Osteopath, Health Coach & Personal Trainer I have merged over 20 years of experience in Physical Performance,  Healthcare and Naturopathic Medicine to provide a bespoke and comprehensive health solution for people who want to live a life of vitality and robust health.

More and more people are struggling to achieve and maintain a level of health that they feel happy with. Whether it’s a lack of energy,  excess weight, or recurrent symptoms, so many of us are being overwhelmed with the growing mismatch between our health and  modern lifestyles.

Most of my clients have achieved great success in other areas of their lives, but have struggled to achieve the same success in their health and wellness. If this sounds like you, then this programme is for you!

  By providing a flexible structure, constant support, guidance, accountability and expertise, The 5PHT has helped over 2000 participants eliminate stubborn symptoms and transform the way they feel, look and perform.

Many participants have become free of symptomatic medications and no longer waste money and time treating symptoms, because they are now empowered with the mindset, habits and experience to effortlessly maintain a superior level of health and wellness

This isn’t just a 10 week journey. Beyond the programme, you will be part of a supportive community who continue to inspire, educate and motivate each other in the face of life’s constant challenges.     

If you feel like this is your time to finally achieve the balance, vitality and health you desire, then the 5 Pillar Health Transformation will unlock the door and give you the key!

What's included in the Programme?

During your 10 week transformation you will be guided through a variety of simple and effective interventions that will enhance your diet, movement, sleep, resilience to stress, and  habits.

You will be coached via 1 to 1 online consultations, which will include a variety of mind-body exercises, breathwork, meditation, feedback and personalised planning.

Each week you will be guided through the most effective lifestyle interventions, and given small challenges to help you build greater familiarity, self-discipline and experience with new habits. We will also  provide you with a depth of inspirational and educational multimedia resources to help you develop your very own personal blueprint for lifelong health.

 To help you maintain and continue to improve your results beyond the 10 weeks, we will provide you with lifelong access to our online community, where you will continue to  receive support, camaraderie and accountability. One of the most powerful resources of this programme is our community, because……

Transformed People, Transform other People!

Mr Ricky Brown will bring out the best your body has to give. He's a master at when to do, how to do, and as importantly, when to rest it, feed it, when and how to massage, ice , heat , awaken or soothe it. Oh, and he's got great music to go with it
Ben Mendelsohn
Ricky Brown is an excellent coach. Rigorous, alert to his client's requirements, good-humoured, good-natured and really effective. I can not recommend him highly enough.
Ralph Fiennes
Ricky Brown is a highly skilled innovative trainer. He combines different disciplines in order to create an intense and highly effective way to get in shape. Also, his understanding of nutrition is second to none. I loved training with him and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
Rafe Spall

The programme includes 10 modules with over 15 training videos!

  1. Welcome
  2. Lay your Foundations for Success
  3. Your Happiness First Aid Kit
  4. Your Real Food Reset
  5. Movement That Matters
  6. Enhance your Resilience to Stress
  7. Be your Best with Quality Rest
  8. Get out of your Own Way
  9. When we Eat Matters
  10. Food Reintroduction
  11. Congratulations and Community

In addition you will also receive:

More from our participants...


“The biggest and most amazing impact this programme had on my health was the reduction of my pre menstrual symptoms. I would normally suffer for 3 – 4 days with moodiness, bloating, breast tenderness, pain, sugar cravings and lethargy prior to my period. My cycle this month was symptom free, apart from an hour of discomfort the day of my period. This is a real win for me and in itself, is enough for me to want to continue with the real food reset as I’m convinced that this played a huge part of me being symptom free. Overall, I feel re energised and re focused, and most importantly, that I have the network and resources to tap into to enable me to be the best person that I can be.”


“I lost 12 lbs in the first 3 weeks and whilst it had been a hoped-for goal, my main reason for undertaking the course was to understand my nutritional and physical needs more completely. I was provided with a wealth of information regarding nutrition which rather opened my eyes concerning my previous diet. However, the course is not just about nutrition, it is a holistic overview of your emotional and physical well-being too. This has all resulted in a much more positive mindset for me for which I am extremely grateful for and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who is looking to understand themselves not just mentally and physically – but spiritually too.”

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