By caring for ourselves, we can give more to those we care about.





My work is an extension of how I live my own life, so I understand the undulating pursuit of wellness.

Hi, I’m Ricky Brown, a wellness warrior with a passion for exercise, quality food, music, nature and sunshine! For over 20 years, I have had a very natural desire to help people improve their health, happiness and relationship with nature’s medicine.  My work is an extension of how I live my life, and the values that I try to live by.

As an Osteopath, Health Coach and Fitness Professional, I specialise in empowering people with the experience and skills to live a robust life. Using a variety of treatment, coaching and physical training, I provide holistic health solutions for busy and proactive people who want the very best in complimentary and preventative healthcare. Lifestyle medicine and natural healthcare is the real primary healthcare that benefits every one of us.

I have a depth of experience in treating a wide range of common ailments including muscle & joint pain, sports injuries and metabolic health issues, as well helping people improve their habits, mindset and self-confidence.  

During my career  I have had the great pleasure of helping people avoid surgical procedures, discontinue long-term pain and antidepressant medications, achieve and sustain weight loss, and recover from chronic pain.

“I was told I had fibromyalgia about 30 years ago and since then have been on a range of pain killers, anti-inflammatories and anti-depressants, I think I have tried everything in the book. I was also diagnosed with gout, and more recently an MRI scan revealed I had osteoarthritis of my  spine and a fatty liver.

In 2018 I was on Gabapentin 100mg three times a day ( a relatively low dose) Duloxetin 100mg daily and co-codamol 2 tablets 3 or 4 times a day, more often than not it was 4 times. Because of the side effects I was also having to regularly take Movicol for constipation, Ranitidine for reflux and Cyclizine for nausea. Needless to say I was still in pain, drowsy, uncomfortable, and in a very dark place…… I decided it was time I took back control of my health and called Ricky.

That was the start of my journey back to health. Since working with Ricky I have completely changed my diet, I have come off all the medication mentioned above, I have lost 20lb in weight and now only go to bed to get a good nights sleep, I wake early and can’t wait to get out of bed and get on with my day, I have so much more energy now, and I can’t believe I am the same person.”


In late 2020 I accessed a webpage that set me on a journey that would introduce me to a holistic approach to attending to the challenges of living with cervical spondylosis. I was then in my 50’s and upon learning of my condition was rather worried about how to handle my discomforts.

My interactions with Ricky Brown changed all that. His approach was unique in that he both educated me on what could be done in a participatory way to alleviate and manage discomforts as well as to inform me on the nature of the body and how it works.

As an osteopath he would help with manipulations, acupuncture and taking one through exercises but the onus was always according to him…..on my participating with my own betterment by making some life changes and taking responsibility to work on “not adding to the problem” through either apathy or indulgence. He was gentle and firm and extremely respectful.

I felt so at ease with him that I recommended my wife to see him too on some muscular discomforts she was having. She too found him to be unique & helpful and yes, very respectful. It makes a huge difference to older people when they are made to feel at ease and are not treated with condescension. Where they are heard and are advised “to what is realistic for where they are” and not to “some idealised possibility that is far from where they are”.

I highly recommend anyone to seek Ricky Brown’s stewardship in seeing you through what is “realistically possible”. By God’s good grace, you will be more than satisfied in what you will find.

Dr. Burae A/Rahman Tahir
Forensic DNA expert, Ministry of Interior, Doha, Qatar

My Story

My journey as a Health Professional started after being discharged from the Royal Marine Commandos through injury. In the space of a few years, I went from being an elite soldier who won accolades as a physical training superior, to becoming an injured and demoralized civilian.

After retraining as a Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer, I used my new skills to repair my body and self esteem. I was then fortunate enough to be chosen to help launch London’s most exclusive Health club- The Third Space.

For the next 10 years I had the privilege of training a diverse clientele that included a number of celebrities and international athletes. My passion for helping people feel, look and perform better has taken me on continuing journey of education  including a Masters in Osteopathy and Naturopathy. I now combine over 20 years of experience and knowledge in fitness and healthcare to help guide people through health transformations.

In my experience, practicing what I preach really helps me understand the struggles people contend with in their pursuit of wellness. Empathy, rapport and trust underpin my professional relationships, and preparation of the mind is one of my biggest keys to helping people both achieve and maintain the results they produce.

Since the beginning of 2020,  it has become more important than ever to be proactive with our health, rather than just reactive to bad health! We have seen first hand what happens when we just sit back, do nothing and then try to react to failing health! We are currently sandwiched between a food industry that makes us sick and a pharmaceutical industry that profits from us being sick!

I have never felt more purposeful about my work than since the beginning of 2020. Being healthy just got real, and its time to forget the superficial quick fixes and fad diets in favour of long term solutions that address the way we eat, move, cope with stress, sleep and build habits. So if you’re ready to lay strong foundations of health, resilience and happiness…

I’m here to help  🙏