The 28 Day Metabolic Reset

The 28 Day Metabolic Reset is a 4 week immersion into the most effective  methods to radically improve metabolic health, reverse metabolic disease, and live a life free of medications and stubborn symptoms. The metabolic reset is designed to make your body more metabolically efficient, by improving your insulin sensitivity, regulating your blood sugar levels and helping you use your body fat stores for energy.

Metabolic conditions such as pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and obesity are the fastest growing health problems in the world, and touch most of our lives, either directly or indirectly. Unfortunately, conventional medicine focuses on medicating symptoms but does not effectively address the root cause of poor metabolic health. The 28 Day Metabolic Reset will empower you with the knowledge, experience and  a personalised  plan to reverse poor metabolic health and live a life free of symptoms and medications.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Excess body fat around the waist

Cravings for sugary & starchy carbohydrates

A lack of energy

Tiredness (especially after meals)

High blood pressure

High triglyceride levels

Stubborn digestive issues such as reflux or bloating

High blood sugar levels

Frequent headaches

By fully engaging with this programme, you can expect to experience a significant reduction in all of these signs and symptoms.

Just some of the results you can expect to experience during and beyond the programme

Significant Fat Loss

Greater Resilience to Stress

Improved Digestive Health

Reduced Hyperglycemia

Increased Energy Levels

Improved Insulin Sensitivity

Reduction in Pre-Menstrual Symptoms

Less Headaches

What's included in the Programme?

Your 28 day reset will start with an in depth understanding of your current lifestyle and dietary habits. We will then focus on replacing behaviours and routines that are harming your metabolic health, with alternatives that do not deprive you of enjoyment.

You will be attentively guided through a variety of simple interventions that provide instant positive feedback, and the variety to choose which skills work best for you. We will make small adjustments to your food ratio, quality and eating times, your style of physical activity,  your responses to stress,  and sleep quality, in order to transform your metabolic health.   This top down approach will improve your body composition, immune function, energy levels. and eliminate many stubborn symptoms.

You will be coached via weekly 1 to 1 online consultations, which will include personal exercise and health  coaching,  breathwork, stress resilience techniques, mindfulness meditation, feedback and forward planning. Outside of this you will receive regular accountability contact from your coach, and a wealth of multimedia resources to educate and inspire you.

 You will leave the programme with your own blueprint (plan) for lifelong metabolic health, and because this is only the start of your new journey, you will be given the opportunity to access our international online community group.  Here you will be interacting with like-minded people who will provide ongoing support, camaraderie and accountability. In addition, I will  always be on hand to keep you moving in the right direction.


During the Programme you will be provided with:

  1. Food Diary Analysis & Personalised Dietary Recommendations
  2. A Comprehensive 30 Page Nutrition Guide
  3. Metabolic Health Guide
  4. 8 x one-one Online Consultations
  5. Evidence-Based Information Guides and Templates
  6. Lifelong Access to Online Private Community Group.
  7. Access to your Health Coach 5 days per week/ 8 hrs per day

In addition you will also receive:

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