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As a Health Professional, I have spent the best part of 20 years trying to help people ignite the fire within to recover, protect and improve their health and performance. This quest has taken me on an exciting and enlightening journey from hospitals to movie sets and many places in between. Having worked with such a diverse array of clients- from cardiovascular rehab patients to elite athletes, I have, for the most part, been convinced that the key to overcoming health challenges is motivation; a deep-seated motivation that is fuelled by inspiration so powerful that it compels the beholder to

As an osteopath, I encounter many aches and pains that seems to mysteriously flare up with no real obvious causes.  In many cases the people suffering have seen numerous therapists, had numerous opinions, and a variety of treatments in search of a resolution. As a healthcare professional, I thrive on the challenge of trying to unravel the complexities of recurring aches and pains, however in many cases, the healing process starts with the challenging task of unravelling the entrenched beliefs and perceptions held by patients who have gone round and round on a treatment hamster wheel and think that their

All human behaviour serves a purpose, and we tend to be more motivated and compelled to do the things in life that provide us with the most fulfilment, pleasure, and sense of purpose. Even when our behaviours and actions are seemingly altruistic, we are still innately driven by the sense of purpose and reward that we personally derive from these experiences. The satisfaction that we receive from helping others is so strong that it can often lead to us neglecting ourselves and proffering sound advice and guidance that we fail to apply to our own lives. Purpose is the driving

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