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  This blog is inspired by a podcast that I listened to recently, which really resonated with me both personally and professionally. It was all about self-compassion, and the inner critic, which is so often a barrier to greater health and happiness. As an Osteopath and Health Coach, I often encounter people that are struggling to thrive as a result of a harsh inner-critic and a lack of self-compassion. We all possess an ego that wants to protect us and also get the very best out of us. Unfortunately, the ego is never satisfied and always wants better. The partnership

What Clinicians can learn from Mechanics As an Osteopath it is my duty and purpose to help people resolve the underlying causes of musculoskeletal pain and poor health. This process starts by assessing the foundations upon which strong health and wellness rest upon. These foundations include our diet, movement, sleep, mental and emotional health. I liken this healthcare approach to that of a car mechanic, who starts the repair process by checking the fundamentals of a car’s function such as the oil, spark plugs, engine compression etc.  Although I’ve never felt comfortable drawing comparisons between people and cars, If our

  Are lockdowns responsible for your aches, pains and weight gain? As an Osteopath in Doha, I have encountered many patients who have attributed their aches and pains to lockdowns and other changes imposed upon us since the beginning of 2020. People regularly tell me that they have experienced symptoms such as low back pain, muscle and joint pain, weight gain, etc since the start of the enforced measures to control the pandemic. Now I understand that 2020 may have imposed unwanted changes upon  our lives, but the truth is that it is our choices and responses to these changes