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  Look to Complimentary Healthcare for Cure So as the lockdown measures begin to relax and the behaviour and severity of what we are facing becomes clearer, many questions are being asked in many sectors. Politics, Media and Healthcare are at the front of the cue for scrutiny, and hopefully within due course we will all be able to understand some of the glaring inconsistencies, distortions and shortcomings that will undoubtedly have far reaching consequences, and quite possibly a more devastating effect on us than the virus itself. As a Healthcare Professional, over the last three months I have watched

At a time when many of us are feeling a lack of control over our life circumstances, it’s important to embrace a perspective or philosophy that can help us remain steadfast and prepare us for the inevitable changes ahead. I, like many, have felt both the primary and secondary effects of this global health challenge, and in both scenarios, my focus on controlling how I respond, instead of trying to control the situation, has helped me cope much better. Having, what I believe was the Covid-19 virus at the beginning of January, and then recently having my income stopped as

We are currently in the midst of a viral pandemic that is causing global hysteria, and posing a challenge to both our physical and mental health. We are being forced to take extreme measures to control the spread of this novel virus, which are primarily focused on controlling our external environment. Unfortunately, there seems to be very little mainstream focus on what we can do to optimize our internal environments and natural defence mechanisms, which is one of the most important factors in our ability to survive and thrive against this, and many other infections. The French Physiologist Claude Bernard