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Healthcare is changing, and during my last 3 years in practice on the beautiful island of Guernsey, I have witnessed more and more people wanting to take control over their health and wellness,  rather than relying on prescription medications Healthcare is being somewhat forced into a transition because of the rising rates of lifestyle-related chronic disease, and the realisation that the current conventional model of healthcare is proving ineffective in resolving both the symptoms and causes of these modern-day epidemics. As an Osteopath, the majority of aches, pains and complaints I encounter are either a result of, or made worse

Exercise Therapy – The Medicine of Choice! As an Osteopath and Exercise Therapist, I have spent many years using the art and science of Exercise to help improve peoples lives. There are many common features amongst those who get the best out of their exercise, one of those being an exercise mindset.  Below are a few principles to help you shape your exercise mindset and get the best out of your activity. You are an individual and there is no ‘one size fits all’ exercise. Move your body in ways you ENJOY, not just in ways you think you should.

Osteopath and Exercise Therapist Within the world of musculoskeletal therapy, different professions are often associated with certain styles and methods of treatment. As a healthcare professional, I am well aware that our education, biases and preferences inform the way we treat our patients, however, our common goal as professionals should be to help people get better and stay better. Misconceptions about Therapists One of the most interesting and contentious characteristics that divides musculoskeletal therapies is the predominant use of either passive treatment techniques (the therapist applies the treatment to the inactive patient ) or active techniques (the patient is required

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