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Lower Back Pain in Doha  Practicing as an Osteopath in Doha is a fantastic experience that is introducing me to people from all corners of the world. One thing that we all seem to have in common is our fair share of aches and pains, which is unfortunately a part of being a healthy and functioning human being. As an Osteopath, one of the fascinating things about working among so many different cultures is how people cope with common aches and pains, such as lower back pain. Lower back pain is the most common complaint I encounter as an Osteopath

Feeling Good is more Nurture than Nature Reflecting on a lengthy career as a healthcare professional, most recently as an Osteopath in Doha, I have witnessed many inspiring health transformations, both physically and mentally. Everyday people, that have found strong enough reasons to embark on a lifelong journey of greater health and happiness. Those who choose to prioritize and invest in their health on a daily basis don’t possess some kind of special gene, they simply choose to adopt a mindset that places a high value on feeling healthy. During my experience as a Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Osteopath,

As a Registered Osteopath in Doha, I frequently encounter people who are suffering from either persistent or recurring lower back pain. Many have undergone months and even years of passive manual therapy treatment such as massage and manipulation, but have not managed to reduce their discomfort to a level that allows them to live a normal life, without the need for regular treatment. Patients often describe their treatments as a ‘short term fix’ as opposed to a long-term solution.  Your lower back doesn’t need realigning It is very common for people with ongoing lower back pain to believe that there

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