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  What is Metabolic Health? In simple terms, Metabolism can be described as the chemical processes inside our cells that transform what we eat and drink into energy.Metabolic Health is a term used to describe how well we can generate and process this energy, which is needed for every aspect of our survival:- to grow, move, reproduce, and think. The 2 broad types of chemical reactions that make up our metabolism are: Catabolism: The breakdown of large complex molecules within the body such as protein and fat to produce simpler molecules such as amino acids and fatty acids. Digestion of

The First Aid Kit We All Need I recently listened to an interesting podcast with Dr Rangan Chatterjee and his guest Dr Andrew Huberman, which helped to spark the inspiration for this blog. It also reminded me of a concept that really resonated with me back in 2019, when I, and my good friend Daniel White, co-created the 31 Day Health Transformation Programme. Pioneering this successful programme on the island of Guernsey introduced me to so many beautiful, courageous and resilient people, including a laughter yoga instructor called Jorge. Laughter yoga was one of the most uplifting practices I have

Happiness is a By-Product Not a Goal   It probably won’t come as a shock to you that since the beginning of 2020, our levels of happiness have taken a significant nose dive, alongside increased levels of anxiety, and a decrease in life satisfaction. As heavy-handed restrictions and deliberate ‘fear mongering’ have restricted human interaction, we have been increasingly shepherded and allured towards the convenience and instant gratification of digital technology. This is proving to be a completely inadequate substitute for the happiness we derive through interacting with each other as part of a meaningful life.  We can’t hack, swipe,